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Tips for Planning Spring Break

Tips for Planning Spring Break

Finals week is nearly here and the prospect of spring break is the only thing motivating you to study. Yet a new problem dawns on you, as you need to make plans for the week or two you’ll have off. Here are some tips for planning your spring break.

Start Early

Drawing up spring break plans early saves money and stress down the road. It also gives you plenty of time to decide whether to visit family or go on a trip with some friends. The earlier you decide, the cheaper the travel costs are.

Additionally, if you plan to vacation with friends, you and your group will want time to deliberate where to go. Meet to set a budget and take note of what each of you want from your break. Compromising is essential and rushing at the last minute to find a vacation spot might prove to be upsetting.

You Don’t Need to Leave

Despite the glamor that comes with a spring break trip to Mexico or a cross-country road trip, staying in town has plenty of benefits. See how many friends will be in the area during break and plan day trips to nearby attractions.

If you’re by a city, check out a few things you wouldn’t have been able to see while taking classes. Sticking around lets you be adventurous in your college or university town and avoid spending money on a weeklong vacation.

Consult Upperclassmen

If you have no idea what to do for your spring break, ask upperclassmen about what they’ve done in the past, which experiences have been cost-effective and what they’re planning on doing next.

These students have plenty of spring break experience to speak for and should be happy to give you tips. If you’re close with them, there’s even a chance you can join their group for a spring break trip.

Keep It Small

No matter what you end up doing for spring break, there’ll be extra costs. Don’t travel out of the country unless you do plenty of research and find a great deal. Even long road trips can get expensive as food and gas add up faster than you might think.

Try to keep your group small. Planning for large groups of students gets exponentially more difficult as each person has their own vacation preferences. Spending your break with a small group of friends also lets you all grow closer with each other.

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