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Picking a Major Your Freshman Year of College

Picking a Major Your Freshman Year of College

The sooner you decide on a major, the sooner you can land internships and ready yourself for a job by the time you graduate from a college or university. Accordingly, here are a few helpful ways to pick a major if you can’t decide.

Seek out the student affairs office. "It will pair you with an advisor who will align your interests with a major," said David Hawkins, executive director for Educational Content and Policy with the National Association for College Admission Counseling. You also can ask professors and graduate students to help you discover what major might be the best fit.

Use your class schedule as a way to explore different fields. Take classes in different departments and explore topics that you might not have learned in high school. Freshman year is a time to try many different things. It’s okay not to like a class or field, as it helps you narrow your list of potential majors.

“In the case of a student who does not know what they want to do, sampling a variety of courses across academic departments can help expose the student to a range of options,” Hawkins  said.

Don’t rush to get your general education classes out of the way. Students should explore introductory courses, but they should keep in mind that once they do choose their major, they will have additional required classes to take.

Consider a wide range of factors when choosing a major. In addition to finding a major that’s interesting and one that you enjoy, keep your strengths in mind. If you’re not strong in math and science, choosing chemistry as a major is not a good idea.

Also, keep in mind what a major means for job prospects. A business major likely will make more than someone studying the arts. It also will be easier to find work in some fields than others.

Don’t stress. If you decide on a major you like but are unsure about what career you want, don’t worry. A major can lead to many jobs. You also are likely to have a career change. View your major as a tool to help connect you to many opportunities.

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