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How to Apply for Internships

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Internships provide out-of-classroom knowledge that is useful for college admissions and the professional world. Students who complete internships show initiative to future employers and colleges. Here are a few tips to consider while going through the internship application process.

Look Early

Major internship programs typically have early deadlines. Students looking for summer internships should begin searching in late summer and apply in early fall. Rank internships from the most to least desirable and mark your calendar with their deadlines.

Think About What You Want to Learn

During your search, consider what you want to gain from an internship. Think about the skills you want and need to gain for the best learning experience. If your goal is to attract a college or appeal to employers, look for internships with companies that are likely to hire after graduation. Also, make sure the internship is something you will enjoy.

Submit a Resume and a Cover Letter

Most internships require applicants to submit a resume and cover letter. This is the perfect opportunity for students to share what they’ve learned and what they want to achieve. Show them why you are the best applicant and that you truly want to work for their organization. Use specific examples and don’t be vague. This is the time to sell yourself.

Ask for Recommendations and References

You are not the only student applying for an internship. Chances are, you’ll need a letter of recommendation or references. Be sure to identify a teacher or professor who can speak on your behalf. If you have to submit an essay, write it ahead of the deadline and ask a teacher or professor to review it. Remember, if your application requires the help of another person, ask them ahead of the deadline.

When in Doubt, Ask

High-profile internships don’t always pan out or give you the skills or experience you want. It’s ok to ask an internship manager what they expect your duties will be. If the program doesn’t excite you, you should apply elsewhere.

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