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Summer Jobs for High School Students

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Taking a summer job as a high school student can be a great way to earn money and gain work experience. But it can also help you explore potential college majors and career paths. By choosing a summer job aligned with your interests or desired field of study, you can gain valuable insights into various industries and make informed decisions about your future academic pursuits.

This article will present a diverse range of cool summer jobs tailored to high school students like you. And we'll even tell you how these jobs align with popular college majors.

Great Summer Jobs to Consider

Whether you're passionate about the great outdoors, interested in technology, or eager to help others, we've got you covered. Get ready to discover exciting opportunities that will make your summer memorable and enrich your personal and professional growth.

Pet Sitter

If you're an animal lover, why not turn your passion into a summer job? Many families go on vacation during the summer and need someone trustworthy to care for their pets. As a pet sitter, you'll be responsible for feeding, walking, and providing companionship to furry friends. This job allows you to spend time with adorable pets and teaches responsibility and empathy.

This job is ideal for someone interested in animal health or veterinary services. 


Who doesn't love life by the pool? Though you might have to spend a few hours a day listening to young children scream, your tan will be flawless by the end of summer. But remember to minimize skin damage and wear sunscreen! Also, putting a lifeguard job on your resume is beneficial. The position shows you have leadership skills, can handle crises, and can work in a multi-functional environment. It doesn't hurt to be certified in CPR, too.

This job is ideal for someone interested in health care or emergency services. 

Golf Caddy

Although a more strenuous job requires both mental and physical memory, caddying is the perfect opportunity for business-related majors. Find a country club in your area to network with local CEOs. You might gain a new mentor or apply for an internship the following summer.

This job is ideal for someone interested in business or recreation management. 

Camp Counselor

Don't fight the kid in you. Remember those fun summer camp days? You can return with more responsibility and knowledge to share with the younger generation. Help inspire youth in your community and determine whether an elementary education degree is the right fit for you.

This job is ideal for someone interested in education and working with children. 

Library Employee

Let's face it; not everyone wants to stay in the sun all summer. Save your skin and stay sharp for the upcoming semester while giving your mind a break with books you enjoy. Depending on your local library, there might be paid jobs available.

This job is ideal for someone interested in education or library sciences.

Campaign Volunteer

If you volunteer for a political candidate you believe in, you contribute to society and make a difference in your community. You also will walk away with firsthand knowledge of how campaigns work and a better understanding of politics. Who knows, maybe you can use it on your college application. 

This job is ideal for someone interested in political science. 

Video Intern

Prove that your video skills are more than social media-worthy. Businesses and other professionals in your area need video content but are usually lost on where to start. If you're interested in creating this type of media, try finding a creative internship or job that allows flexibility and encourages inquiry that can boost your resume in this market of work.

This job is ideal for someone interested in film and media studies.

Social Media Assistant

Are you tech-savvy and enjoy spending work market media platforms? Consider working as a social media assistant for local businesses or organizations. Your tasks may include creating engaging content, managing social media accounts, and analyzing audience insights. This job will enhance your digital skills, creativity, and understanding of online marketing strategies.

This job is ideal for someone interested in marketing


Do you excel in a specific subject or have a passion for teaching? Becoming a tutor can be a rewarding summer job. You can offer academic support to younger students in subjects like math, science, English, or foreign languages. Tutoring strengthens your knowledge and helps you develop patience, communication skills, and empathy.

This job is ideal for someone interested in curriculum and instruction.

Summer Jobs & College Majors: Putting it Together

A summer job can be more than a way to earn money and gain work experience. It can also help you explore potential college majors and career paths. By choosing a summer job aligned with your interests, you can try out different types of work and industries to help you decide what you'll study in college. 

Moreover, a summer job can also help you develop transferable skills that are highly sought after in various fields. Whether it's communication, problem-solving, teamwork, or time management, these skills are essential in any profession and will stand out on your high school resume

Remember, the goal of using a summer job is not necessarily to have all the answers or make concrete decisions immediately. It's about gaining exposure, discovering your passions, and allowing yourself to explore different paths. 

Final Thoughts on Summer Jobs 

Finding the right summer job can provide experiences and skills that will benefit you throughout your life. Whether you choose to work outside, with children, with animals, or in a business setting, remember to approach your job with enthusiasm, dedication, and a desire to learn. Embrace the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while enjoying a fun and fulfilling summer. 

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