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A Community for Change

Our community is built by Community Based Organizations (CBOs), local nonprofits, mentor programs, college prep high schools, and colleges and universities that are dedicated to making right fit education equitable. These partnerships give way to communication, and  highlight the post-secondary opportunities for their students.

On our resource pages, you'll find program lists, past webinars, and other information you can use to help you students. On our CBO Partner page, learn about new organizational partners and get details on how to get students signed up. Our College Partner page includes a full list of Greenlight college and university partners.


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60% of Nation's Top Colleges

College Greenlight helps college partners build strategic relationships with Community-Based Organizations to maximize impact.




750,000+ Students

When colleges partner with Greenlight, they partner with CBOs to facilitate relationships with over 750,000 high achieving, underrepresented, and first-generation students.




1,500+ Organizations

Our network of over 1,500 community-based organizations (CBOs) offers hands-on support to students navigating the college process.

College Partners

Learn more about how you can be a part of the community.