Maine Maritime Academy
Castine, ME, USA


Maine Maritime Academy

Philep from Bolton, CT

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am definitely learning. The course load definitely pushes you to be constantly learning, and people here take around 18 credits plus noncredit courses such as labs for chemistry, nautical science, physics, in addition to other courses and classes such as ships maintenance. The small class sizes allow teachers to know you personally and are there to encourage and help you with anything. You will work hard but it is to get you ready be successful when you graduate and go into industry. You will know the industry and how to perform well in it.
Am enjoying being here
I definitely enjoy what I am learning, staying busy, and the things I do for fun like scuba dive. The only downturn to this place is its practically in the middle of nowhere and over a half-hour from anywhere, but that's Maine for you. Other than that there are a lot of extracurricular activities you can get involved in. For example, there is outdoor adventure club, drama club, drill team, engineering clubs, and pistol and rifle club. There are also varsity sports for both men and women which include soccer and basketball, along with a number of club sports like ice hockey.
Bang for the buck
I just talked to a student that is currently a senior and already signed a contract for $120,000 a year. Coming out of here, you will be very well educated and well rounded whether you choose to study engineering, marine transportation, marine science, biology, or small vessel operations. People will want you because you will be good if not extraordinary in whatever field you choose. Since it is a specialized field and you will be in demand. The job placement from this place is phenomenal. 95% of all students who graduate will have a good paying job within 6 months, if not even before you graduate! There are also quit a few extracurricular activities for students even though there is less than a thousand students total. The worst thing that eats you wallet is definitely the unlimited license fee if you are in a program to get a 3/c Engine or 3rd Mate coast guard license. The will run you about $3,000 a year. The payoff at the end will be big, so its worth it. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your future.
Tips for prospective students
If you don't like to work, don't come here. You will be taking a lot of extra courses, and a lot of courses that are noncredit. If you do make it through the payoff at the end will be great. The average starting salary for a 3/c Engineer (one of the Coast Guard Licenses offered here) as somewhere around $80,000 to start; not bad right. We are a little different than the other maritime schools, but as far as public educations go, this school is considered to be one of the best engineering schools in the US. The curriculum here allows students to get a great formal education and get hands on experience. Also, you get first hand experience working in the real industry through cadet shipping along with other co-ops
Great for these types of students
This place is definitely great for anyone who loves being on the water, is interested in ships, or the maritime industry in general. The education here is also very hands on so if you like turning wrenches, rolling up your sleeves, and getting dirty, this might be the place for you. Not only that, but you will get a formal education and end up with a bachelors degree, which will further expand your opportunities on the shore-side world if you don't stay in the maritime business your whole life.
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