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How to Compile a College List You Will Love

How to Compile a College List You Will Love

As high school juniors and seniors begin to craft lists of colleges and universities they’d like to attend, it’s important to remember that not every school is going to be the right fit. In fact, many students will come across schools that they have no interest in.

That’s perfectly normal, because if you are in that position, you need the colleges and universities to be a good fit for your life, not someone else's. Here are some things you should think about as you decide whether to add a school to your list.

What do you want from your undergraduate experience? This question ultimately will help you decide what colleges and universities to select. If you want a bustling atmosphere with tons of students, a conference school like a Big 10 or a Pac 12 school might be right for you.

If you seek a small and quiet environment where you can get to know your professors, a small, liberal arts campus might be the best match. Think of what you want the next four years of your life to be like, then use that to help narrow your options. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

Don’t be influenced too much by your friends. Remember, your undergraduate decision is about your future. You need to determine what’s best for you, not follow your peers. There are many roads to higher education and it’s super necessary that you pick the one that’s best suited for you!

Also, some people begin their undergraduate journey at a community college. This saves money and can allow you to earn general education credits. Others know that they want to immerse themselves in new experiences on sprawling campuses where they can carve out new identities for themselves.

Consider the setting of your school. If you aren’t sure of what college or university you’d like to attend, but you have a general idea of what you might like, apply to schools with similar settings. This way, you can see which school admit you. If you want to attend a school in a coastal city, near home or in a specific climate, you can make that happen.

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